What are the benefits of Buying Best Vegas Pool Parties Pass?

Best Vegas Pool Parties is your all access pass into the best Pool Parties in Las Vegas. We save you not just money but the time of organizing and contacting all the Venues, Hosts or Promoters to get the info and make reservations.

Does the Pass ever expire?

It expires either one weekend, one week or one pool season from the date you bought it. It depends what package you purchase.

How much money can I really save?

A lot! Pool Parties are not cheap in Las Vegas. One weekend or week can be Hundreds of dollars, One pool season could be Thousands!

How old do I have to be to access the Venues?

Las Vegas Day Life & Nightlife is 21 & over.

What is the Dress code?

It’s a pool party, so bikinis, bathing suits flip flops.

Where do I pick up my Best Vegas Pool Parties Pass?

You don’t! Everything is digital. Once you purchase the Best Vegas Pool Parties Pass send us an E Mail at BestVegasPoolParties@gmail.com with your receipt of purchase, each first and last name who purchased or you purchased a pass for. Also include what dates you would like to use it for. We will E Mail you back a detailed E Mail with instructions on how to use it.

Since I get in Free does this mean I have to Buy Drinks?

No. There are no minimums regarding drinks at Pool Parties.

Are there any hidden charges?


Do I get billed yearly?

No. We do not automatic bill any of our customers who purchased for one year.

Can my friend use my Best Vegas Pool Parties Pass?

Unfortunately not. Your friend must buy his/her own. All Passes much match ID’s.

What is the Max amount of Pools I can go to with the Best Vegas Pool Parties Pass?

Unlimitted! You can go to every Venue in our system until your plan expires!